Conan exiles connection issues

This seems to be a catchall solution for many issues. To do a clean install, please navigate to the following location:. Note that this is the default install location. Your install location may be different choose to manually specify the install location. What causes this: It is a false positive happening only in Avira antiviruses or other programs running their engine. The files affected by this false positive are completely safe and malware-free.

Problem description: Game either hangs on loading screen, or does not progress beyond a black screen on startup. What causes this: This is very likely due to insufficient hardware.

This means that either your hardware does not meet the minimum requirements to play the game, or your hardware is not being recognized correctly e. This is usually a problem with the graphics card. If the problem keeps occurring, then a clean driver install may help. This is assuming your hardware meets the minimum requirements. Problem description: This issue is characterized by getting the following error message upon starting the game:.

conan exiles connection issues

Solution: A clean install should fix this see instructions near the top of this post. This can cause the game to crash immediately upon start up or when trying to enter the game. Problem description: Game crashes to desktop after opening video and before reaching the main menu.

What causes this: This seems to be an issue with having a GPU that does not meet the minimum requirements to play the game. If the player has a dual chipset, then their PC may be using the incorrect card.

Solution: If your PC has two graphics cards common in gaming laptopsthen your PC may be choosing the wrong one. You should try to force your GPU to favor performance over power conservation.

What causes this: This seems to be an issue caused by mods. Solution: The only solution we know of is to disable mods and apply them one by one to determine which one is causing the issue. Problem description: The official server you play on is offline or having issues at the moment. To inform about an official server downtime, you can get in contact with them using the following methods:.

What causes this: Possibly caused by server filters that are too restrictive. There may be no servers that meet the selected criteria.

How to Fix & Solve Conan Exiles Server Status Down Problem Issue

OR There is another game running in the background, possibly UE4 game.Having problems with Conan Exiles lagging on you throughout gameplay? Before you blame the game there might be some exterior issues that you may have to fix. You will find certain abnormalities like frames skipping, glitching, your character hopping places, gameplay reversing and many other issues.

The Fix Guides below have been compiled together as they have solved other users in resolving their Lag issues and pin spikes. The fixes may not relate to Conan Exiles or your situation however there is no harm in trying.

So before you reach out to the developers lets try some trial and error! Or if you simply cant connect to the Conan Exiles servers. Then your Wireless Internet may be a problem. An easy way to isolate or fix the issue with your wireless internet is to plug an ethernet cable into your console or gaming device. Just for the time being and then attempt to play Conan Exiles again. Simply press the reset button on your Network Hub.

Wait for roughly seconds before logging into Conan Exiles. Hopefully this will fix your Lag issue. Bandwidth is a term used for your available internet feed.

Regardless of your download or upload speed you will have limited bandwidth to share throughout your household. How many wireless devices are connected to your network hub? How many Ethernet cables are leeching bandwidth from Conan Exiles.

It may be an idea to discuss with those you live with. This will present you with all manners of issues while your gaming. Any laptops or other devices which automatically update may also cause an issue.

We know that Windows 10 has a nasty habit of automatically downloading without notice.Conan exiles are one of the survival video game which is published by Funcom.

conan exiles connection issues

This game is wholly set in the world of Conan, the Barbarian, which is a custom playable character rescued by the Conan while starting the journey. The earlier version of this game released in the year But, the official release date of this game for all the platforms is on May 8, The director of this game is Joel below. The engine used in this game is unreal engine 4. This game is on the genre of action-adventure and survival. The game is available in both the single-phase and multi-player modes.

The survival in the fictional prehistoric Hyborian Age is the most basic premise of the Conan Exiles game. Conan will rescue the player, and exile will navigate into a harsh desert landscape. The biome was always available for exploring the exiled lands. The frozen north is one of the new biome added in the latest update.

Many new armors are present with the new elements to explore various new lands. The star metal is also attached to build better weapons and strong armor. Some customizable options are also available in the Conan exiles like gender, voice, and physical attribute sliders for both the head and body.

You can choose the race of your choice as there are many races available. Religion also plays a crucial role in the Conan exiles game. The players can learn about the beliefs of the NPCs in the game. To change the allegiance, you can use the NPC acolytes in the game. The natural resources can be used by the players to manage hunger and thirst gauges.

conan exiles connection issues

The human NPCs can be captured using the thrall system of the Conan exiles. Some benefits are present for a player from the captured slaves based on their profession.

Conan Exiles latest update breaks the server browser and kills offline play

The benefits for the players will include faster crafting speeds and exclusive crafting recipes. The customization is allowed at each level by selecting the attribute points and crafting recipes.

The developers are planning to patch the PS4 version with some crash fixes. No peach routes are available for this update, and the servers will go down shortly.EU and US regions are all updated to address the connection issues now. Hey all, thank you for your continued patience. Restoring connection on PS4 is our top priority and we're working with Sony to have a patch verified and signed off on as soon as possible.

I'll keep things updated here on once get more information. Again, thank you for your patience we know it's frustrating. We're sincerely apologize for the disruption. Edit: We've received word that the patch to PS4 has passed testing. We're waiting for confirmation from Sony before we can release the new client. Once it's out we will update you all immediately. Edit 2: Sony has informed us that there appears to be an error on their end and currently investigating.

Will continue to update as we get info. We're sorry to have to inform you we're still waiting for a resolution on Sony's end. We will continue to keep you updated and sincerely apologize for any frustration this is causing.

We are still trying to resolve the PS4 connectivity issues together with Sony. We're doing all that's in our hands to get this situation fixed ASAP.

Conan exiles Tutorial 01: Single player setup

We have disabled decay on PS4 official servers and we apologize for the frustration this downtime is causing. We once again apologize for the frustration this outage has caused. US and EU patches are now out so connection issues should be resolved.

I can't thank everyone enough for your patience and understanding. An update regarding the PlayStation 4 connectivity issues Greetings, Exiles. Hey all, We're sorry to have to inform you we're still waiting for a resolution on Sony's end. Originally posted by Crowlett08 Still down here. Northeastern US. After teleportation I found myself under the textures :D video 18 minutes ago - Hugo.

Can you please fix or disable sandstorm?Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Conan Exiles Store Page. Global Achievements. Hello guys, i make this topic to see if im the only one who have this problem I let it run like 5 min and all good.

The problem is when i go in game and hit the refresh button on server list it start to disconect me from internet lot of pack's lost This happens every time when i try to refresh the server list. To test this. Or maybe you guys know a fix for this. Thank you very much! Showing 1 - 15 of 26 comments. Anyone can help please? Thanks for answer Ohhh damn What could be the fix in this case? Gattsu View Profile View Posts. I've tried to join the server through Steam instead of ingame client, and it still doesnt work They said that they will bring out another patch from now up to 30 mins They have to do something about this problems Last edited by SimoneF ; 31 Jan, am.

Grishnerf View Profile View Posts. It's like they send something that breaks modems for few secs Last edited by EasyPeasy ; 31 Jan, am.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam.

Store Page. Conan Exiles Store Page. Global Achievements.

conan exiles connection issues

I can't even see the server list because that message pops up when I try to play online. I am connected to the Internet and I have no Internet problems.

Showing 1 - 15 of 39 comments. Funcom: please check that you are indeed online! Gishpane View Profile View Posts. Same issue here.

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Can't play, my base gonna expire soon. Last edited by Gishpane ; 18 Jun pm. Last edited by SpaceCowboy7 ; 18 Jun pm. Den View Profile View Posts. That happens to be one of the nasty issues that cropped up when the big update hit and changed almost everything. They're working on it under threat of being drawn and quartered, tar and feathered, then crucified.

Cyro View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by SpaceCowboy7 :. Psychio View Profile View Posts. Can't play, "Connection lost. You must be connected to the internet to play online" my base is gonna expire FridayPlease don't call "support numbers" posted below — most probably it's a scam. Make sure to report and "downvote" such posts. Also don't post any of your personal information. How do we fix this? ConanExiles will this game stop crashing ForFuckSakes. Well will the fall damage be fixed?

Conan exiles is fun. ConanExiles Ive had the game for a while whilst it was in early access and its not giving me some dlc? ConanExiles server ps4 PVP consistency and constantly going down for the past three days pls help xxx. ConanExiles yall ever gunna fix hanumans grotto not giving potions and boons?

ConanExiles I really want to play this game on pc with my friends but I cant afford it. Can I get a code so I can play with them?

How to Fix & Solve Conan Exiles Server Status Down Problem Issue

ConanExiles ps4 server is down. ConanExiles why Conan, why? ConanExiles servers stuck at loading screen and no one can get on! ConanExiles can Xbox one expect a bug fix to hanumans grotto soon? I like my monkeys! ConanExiles hey is something wrong with some severs because it taking long to get on here in PS4. ConanExiles any chance you guys are working on a bug fix for Xbox one Conan exiles? Asia Servers have been down for 5 days, are they coming back?

Funcom ConanExiles. Come on I keep getting dc on my private server. See if Conan Exiles is down or having service issues today. Not Working For Me! What isn't working? Conan Exiles Outage Map Live. May 10, AM. May 9, AM. May 8, PM. May 5, PM. May 4, PM. May 3, PM. March 29, PM. March 27, AM.

March 25, PM. March 25, AM. March 23, AM. March 20, AM.

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