Forscan acm

Contents 1. When this function will be added? Why number of functions for my car is less than for the same model of the next generation? What are the differencies? How can I purchase Extended License? How can I get free trial Extended License? How can I get Extended License after trial period? What is the difference between Extended License key and Activation Code?

What are limitations of free trial Extended License? What is the Hardware ID and how to get it? I have generated and downloaded license key, but unable to open it. What to do? I have changed my Android iOS device. Should I buy the app again? I have bought the app to my Android iOS phone, now I want to install it on my tablet. I have changed my Android device to iOS one or vice versa. How can I transfer the purchase? How long do the review and approval take? Why is the manual approval required instead of automated one?

I'm unable to login after 24 hours after registration, what's wrong? I have reset my password but still cannot login, why? General What car brands and models are supported? Absolute majority of Ford, Mazda, Lincoln and Mercury models starting from model year are supported.

Exception are quite rare: models unified with other manufacturers, for example Ford Galaxy Mk2. Models manufactured before usually have diagnostic interfaces not supported by ELM However, there are exceptions too. No other brands are supported yet. Support for other brands is planned but not in the near future. The protocol is quite limited. FORScan works on another level and uses the same principles as professional and dealership scanners.

This is a conceptual difference that determines the project development strategy. We are not limited with protocol and spend majority of our efforts to extend core functionality. As a result, FORScan may be less convenient and nice-looking than other products, but gives more power to the users.Log in or Sign up. Ford Raptor Forums. Help Support Ford Raptor Forum by donating:.

Mar 19, at AM 1. Posts: 7 Likes Received: 0 Joined: Feb 1, Edit: Added emphasis on the important part. This is great news for anyone doing an upgrade because it makes everything so much easier, and I think has more potential for a better sounding system. I'll tell you how I discovered it, and that will help you understand why there is still some work to do on this.

I was doing my upgrade the conventional way, tapping the speaker level outputs to feed into a processor. A puff of smoke came out of the dash and I almost died :O So I ordered a replacement ACM which took over a month to get, but that's another story and installed it myself. I had been told that the ACM needs to be programmed by the dealer before it will work, but I decided to try it out and see if it would just work out of the box, or if maybe I could just program it myself with Forscan. The replacement ACM came with factory Forscan settings that were very different from my originals.

Long story short, I realized that I was getting a full-range, variable line level signal from the tweeter output of the ACM. The only quirks I have noticed are that the volume is not displayed on the screen, and the Sync voice volume varies with the system volume and so may be much louder than usual, depending on how the amp gain is set. Also the fader and EQ controls are disabled, but I would kinda expect that anyway. Other than that, the signal is very clean and the system sounds fantastic.

I scanned the ACM with Forscan and found that there are a lot of differences between this one and the original one. I don't know which ones are necessary to make this mod work, but I assume it's not all of them. Since they system is working the way I want, I have decided to leave it alone for now and not make any more changes in Forscan. At least we know the mod is possible, and we can narrow the necessary codes down to a few lines in Forscan.

Worst case, you could make all of the changes and it should work. I'm sure someone will do more research and figure out which ones really need to be changed and how to work out the quirks.

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FORScan Modifications

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Members Registered members Current visitors. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. FORScan Modifications. Thread starter t4thfavor Start date Feb 14, First Prev 2 of 27 Go to page. LightningBlue said:. Now you must tell us how to get to this menu.

My buddy at the dealer says not to mess with anything related to the ACM. Changing the start up screen is in the ACM. If they plug into the system it will show it's modified.

forscan acm

Not so much the other modules in the car unless they are looking directly at one you've changed. That could be a warranty issue. I don't have the truck yet but it should either have the auto fold in the settings menu and if not it should be able to be enabled with Forscan.

I installed power folding mirrors in my Fusion and enabled all of that. ToothRanger Well-Known Member. Vehicle Showcase 1. I'll start messing with some of the normal stuff and see what you can and can't enable with out manually changing the as built data tonight.

ToothRanger said:. I didn't come across that option in my Lariat. Last edited: Feb 27, I was thinking the same. Just checked the forscan forums and it looks like some of the guys from here are having trouble even connecting to the truck, something about VIN not recognized That could be my post over there,thats the message I got on forscan and I havent had a chance to mess with it since.

Looks like it is still a no go on the Forescan.By liamstearsNovember 27, in Ford Fiesta Club. Recently fit a sat nav and screen to my fiesta and programmed it in, so far all seems to be working well but couple bits not quite right Have enabled rear camera, have not connected it yet but expected the screen to blank but it doesn't?

Is this just down to programming not quite right in Forscan? Maybe I missed something? I changed to with Navigation, changed to MFD 5. Well it seems to mean that the audio control module is incompatible, does everything work correctly except the camera? Even tries my old CD player bit see if that made a difference but it didn't still got the error code. I found a post that may provide some more information, it is about bluetooth but might still help, here is a quote from the post.

So it seems something is not configured correctly even though it works, could you maybe try clearing the code and see if it comes back, although I'm not too sure whether that would work.

Been looking into this everywhere and noticed the parts I bought to upgrade to sat nav included an acm with the part number AM5T but the one I removed was also AM5T, looking around though every sat nav set I found comes with an acm with the part number E1BT.

forscan acm

So decided to buy one with a part number of E1BT which I should have tomorrow so will swap it out and see if it fixes the acm error Everything seems to be set right but I get the DTC and no camera? Had Sat Nav SD card v4. Problem I have now is when I connect up the camera I have it doesn't display properly, just a bit of a faded iffy picture as if the camera is not sending the right signal or something You can post now and register later.

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Posted November 27, Hi all Recently fit a sat nav and screen to my fiesta and programmed it in, so far all seems to be working well but couple bits not quite right Have enabled rear camera, have not connected it yet but expected the screen to blank but it doesn't? Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. As an update Played with forscan a bit, still get the DTC but now I'm getting somewhere with the camera When putting into reverse it says camera unavailable Any ideas how to get this to work?

Posted November 28, Yep all seems to work perfectly apart from the camera Even tries my old CD player bit see if that made a difference but it didn't still got the error code.

FORScan with OBDLink MX+ not reading all Modules

Posted November 29, I found a post that may provide some more information, it is about bluetooth but might still help, here is a quote from the post "The U DTC code suggests that the FCDIM is not correctly configured. Posted November 30, AngelDeath Well-Known Member.

The top link is the Bluetooth version I purchased, the second link is the WiFi version. The rest of this guide I cannot take credit for, its from a user on another forum for a completely different ford car, but yet alot of the codes are similar across the fleet. This guide was made by "DanMc85" All credit goes to him for this guide and getting me started to look. So read the Guide and lets help one another out! All I want from posting this guide if Idont find it myself is how to stop the fog lights from turning off when you signal, thats more then a thank you for me.

As you can see you can modify As-Built Data on just about any module to accomplish different tasks. These manual discoveries can be very time consuming Thus some changes could have a monetary charge by the person offering the mod or some ask for a donation in the amount of your choosing to continue to support the countless hours spent to discover these mods.

As a fellow forum member, I find it truly great when we work together to discover new computer mods or take risks to try and see what does what, knowing very well they could mess something up. Most of these changes are easily reversible.

forscan acm

Thus you can easily change something back if you make an invalid or incorrect change. If you start the vehicle, with invalid or incompatible settings, it is possible to screw something up. As long as a module does not loose network connection to the CAN bus you can always change the data back. I have made countless changes messing with modules and have yet to cause an issue I couldn't put back.

The team is located in Russia, so keep the time zone change in mind. As it can in some cases take easily 24 hours before your access gets approved. I have heard of some getting approved within 2 hours, especially during the evening here in the USA. Once you have done this, install FORScan on your laptop or tablet. Open the Program and click on the settings wheel on the toolbar on the left side.

2018 B&O Stereo Forscan BREAKTHROUGH

Uncheck Demo mode if checkedset your desired data format of Imperial or Metric. I prefer Imperial. Also you can change the program language, if desired.

Click the Connection Tab at the top. It is best to be in your vehicle with your laptop or tablet for this step. You can leave the connection type on Auto, or you can choose Bluetooth or Wi-Fi depending on device type. Choosing a device type will allow the program to connect faster when opened.

It should be there after restarting the application. The other settings should remain the same as the screenshot I will not discuss it, but instructions are on the web if desired. The FORScan team does have plans to charge for the application in the future, which is why the licenses are for a short period at a time. If you click on the Help? Mark on the bottom of the left toolbar.

You will see the following screen Make note of your Hardware ID or Copy it to clipboard to paste in the license request form. Navigate to the file you just saved and it will enable the license to access Programming Functions. If you go back to the Help?The build was checked for zero anti-virus false positive alerts. We have created a thread on our forum to inform users about status of this problem and solution to it. January 3, - Web site update Frequently Asked Questions page is updated: added answers to typical questions sent to our support team.

EL1 release is not supported anymore. This question seems to be very actual for many of FORScan users. This product was created specially for our project, FORScan team was directly involved in testing and refinement of the adapter. Other improvements such as vehicle database update, new configuration parameters, new service functions, other fixes and improvements. Please note that build with new Extended License keys is now primary and has no EL2 suffix in the distributive name anymore.

Version with old Extended License keys is available for compatibility purpose only and contains EL1 suffix in the distributive name. More information about old and new keys can be found here.

Modifying As-Built Data Guide

Added many configuration parameters for different modules of different models. Also, in this version we implemented new Extended License protection system to resolve problems experienced by some users.

Old and new Extended License keys have identical functionality, but not fully compatible with each other. In order to provide smooth transaction, during a transition period we will deliver 2 releases of FORScan for Windows: one that works with old keys and one with EL2 suffix that works with new keys. March 02, - Paid long term and lifelong Extended Licenses are now available Now everyone can purchase 1 year3 years5 years or lifelong Extended License on the Products page.

So the main purpose of the 2. Please find details on the Download page. New functions, fixes, improvements. We have added ability to use email address as a forum login name previously only username had to be used for login.

Also, the forum password recovery page now allows to enter username OR email previously both fields were required. June 17, - Forum downtime because of the board upgrade We are going to upgrade the forum board software. Expected downtime for the forum and license key generator is - CEST. We are sorry for so significant delay with this delivery.

This is a simple app that can be used to check vehicle on-board network configuration modules and read diagnostic trouble codes DTC. Among other things, we recommend to use this free application to check base FORScan abilties and compatibility with adapter and vehicle.Please bear with me as I continue to update this thread with the spreadsheet I'm still reading multiple threads collecting the info and I know there are updates for Speedo corrections, tire sizes, etc.

I'm just here to collect the info in one place and make it easier for us to track the codes. Please post on this thread or PM me any new codes or corrections that you may have What OBD device should I get? Please use the Forum's search function for those type of questions. I got to start looking into Forscan as well.

Is it possible for ForScan to modify things in the lcd dash? If so I might start digging into that. Jetnoise likes this.

Fordever Well-Known Member. Should this be a sticky????? I'm guessing you missed this whole thread where this is already taking place? Gman Gman. D Well-Known Member. I have read all Please complete the list. MakStang Well-Known Member.

Ford ACM Variable Line Output Oscilloscoped for Voltage and Spectrum

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