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Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. Sarnen View Profile View Posts. I usually play Germany or the USSR, and while mobile warfare is cool, as the USSR I'm finding the supply needs reduction very effective in mass assault as well as some solid overall bonuses. Since I usually don't have trouble winning the initial fight in Europe since I can just retreat into low infra provinces with no penalty, meanwhile Germany is facing basically the same logistical nightmare it did IRLI notice that the inevitable war in China in every game the UK and Americans sends massive troops there via phillipines so it becomes a front every bit as large in scale as Barbarossa, but with even less infrastructure and Africa and South America where, thanks to the AI spamming naval bombers, it is necessary to establish a base in Guyana or something and slowly build it up and wear them down before the naval bombers they build insta-nuke any ship in range.

I suppose at that point in the game though it's more a convenience than a true sledgehammer, but I don't know. Has anyone stopped and theorycrafted the best land doctrine? Showing 1 - 9 of 9 comments. I have not geeked out and calculated the most mathmaticaly viable doctrine for every country.

But i usally use Mobile Warfare or Superior Firepower depending what country im playing as. If i play germany i usally go for Mobile Warfare because i always need the extra manpower the last tier provides. Last edited by Devil Santa ; 30 Jun, pm. Warhunter View Profile View Posts.

I havent done the math either but I dont think the advantages are so much stronger to warrant having 2 less. Last edited by awkwardmoment ; 30 Jun, pm. Originally posted by Warhunter :.

Personally, I prefer Grand Battle Plan but thats because it fits with my play style.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. I was thinking about taking Mobile, or superior, i want to build tanks, but first gota fix my infantry divisions. I will delay the war in ethiopia, to save world tension and get exp. Then i Will blitzkrieg greece and yugoslavia, and hopefully be able to do it before guarantees come in.

Do you think I will ahve time to attack anyone else too? Any other advice for Italy? Mobile or Grand battleplan? Showing 1 - 15 of 15 comments. Grandbattleplan or supurior firepower if you want to play infantery-arty heavy.

But if you plan to use alot of tanks and motorized divs Mobile is the way to go. Depens on how many tank divs you want to have, Italy's industrie might not be good enough to build enough tanks and motorized divs for moblie warfare to be worthwhile when WW2 breaks out. But since i like to spice my games up i would definitly go mobile warfare. Superior Firepower, always go for Superior Firepower, unless you're Germany.

Right-- Italy doesn't have the industry or resources to really go Mobile, unless you get really lucky early game with wins that give you lots of both. That leaves Superior fire power - you want this if you plan on fighting the Soviets or the Germans as your own Novus Roman faction as artillery is a good counter to tanks. If neither of those is in your 1st half of the game plan, then Grand Battle plan with its infantry vs Infantry bonuses is likely the way to go. Grand battleplan is best fit for Italy.

In addition to the other points discussed here, you start with one already researched. Originally posted by reubenmd12 :. I would say superior firepower since your industry sucks battleplan is good for holding the line the trench warfare thing saved me when i was facist poland X germany when i declined danzig.

Originally posted by DDMusashi :. Originally posted by Crusader-Hussar overload :. Egor View Profile View Posts. You can attack yugo and greece if you go straight to this focus but with greece there will be too many ports to defend and economy will suck more as you start building economy too late.

As for doctrine I go for mass assault. Italian goal in my opinion is to take north africa asap, then expand south. And hold these damn ports. Plus 10 marines, 24 mobile divisions and 48 divisions mountaineers in france, 48 poor rnfantry in africa. Then when spain joins and you close the sea you move your forces to outter ports to strengthen them. Second goal is to build refineries for yourself and germany. Rodi View Profile View Posts. Italy can do some fun stuff with heavy tanks and grand battleplan.

Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 21 Oct, am.In the case of aviation, you can notice at first glance that it focuses on clearing territory of enemy forces, or on direct support for land units.

Aviation's main purpose is to secure land divisions and also make it possible to perform effective bomber operations. It is a good idea to develop it, even within to a restricted extent, to keep up in the case of defensive war, where losing control over air space can quickly lead to chaos in the army's actions and cuts it off from basic deliveries.

It should be noted that air doctrine trees are not too extensive, but there are many points where you have give your choices consideration and which will determine following steps.

At any moment, you can change your variant, both for key points and for the entire tree. This doctrine reinforces mainly factors that decide the success of bomber missions. In here, you can find factors that affect more effective use of other units, but the base of this doctrine is to destroy enemy's key buildings and infrastructure. Just like armed invasion, air raids can be destructive. Destruction by bombardment permanently cripples enemy economy which directly affects production of supplies.

When you control air space over enemy territory long enough, you will completely disable enemy actions which makes it easier to launch land actions. This doctrine is the best for the players who like attacking strategic targets and weaken the opponent without risking their own land units. It harmonizes well with Grand battleplan and Superior firepower of land doctrines. In the case of this doctrine, aviation and land forces cooperate closely.

Each fragment of seized territories is credited to coordinated actions of these two. Majority of issues in this doctrine focus on operation of jet fighters, but there also are reinforcements for maritime aviation and effectiveness of bombardment. Thanks to the support of aviation, you can easily destroy defense positions and wreak havoc among enemy lines, which effectively lowers effectiveness of his actions.

It is useful both in the case of invasion and defensive war. Thanks to the versatility, it harmonizes with mobile warfare and mass attack doctrines. This doctrine will be interesting to all of the players who rely on their aviation for the strength of their army. Domination in air favors effectiveness of land actions and makes invasion on enemy territory easier. This doctrine also increases your chances to obtain the title of the ace of aviation, which boosts damage dealt to enemies.

Each type of doctrines has one that does not favor the specific type of actions, but with good decision-making, it integrates with any decision that you make during the game. Operational integrity is a doctrine of this type for aviation. This doctrine assumes thorough support for all types of units, and even in spite of relatively low bonuses, when fully developed, it makes you aviation exceptionally versatile.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

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Most of the guides on steam for HOI4 are completely useless in multiplayer, so, we made our own. Most new players are pushed away by toxicitiy and the lack of avalible resources toward competitive, vannilla multiplayer.

This guide includes a complete list of the tasks of all major nations and their jobs in normal games, insight on land, air, and naval doctrine. As well as proper division templates and other useful things to know when going into HOI4 multiplayer. This item has been added to your Favorites. Created by. Berserker Offline. Simple Online. It doesnt get better I'm afraid Offline.

Scipio Offline. Guide Index. Division Templates. Air, Navy, and Land Doctrines. Things that suck and you should never do.H earts of Iron 4 can be unapologetic ally brutal to new wargamers with the sheer amount of systems involved, and especially after several DLCs and patches. Luckily for you, that's where we come in! Now you have a handy guide to aid you in navigating the choppy waters of the second war to end all wars. The level of control you have over the makeup of individual divisions and ships can be daunting, but as long as you follow the rules laid out to you, you will be conquering away in no time.

The most distinguishing feature between any two divisions is their makeup in the Division Designer. Here, you can add and subtract different types of battalions from a division, altering its combat stats and overall performance.

One of the most important considerations to take into account when designing a division is combat width. Each division will take up an amount of space on the battlefield, and having more divisions on a side in a fight will lead to reduced effectiveness, or will block reinforcements from joining the fight altogether.

Generally, frontline battalions will have a width of 2, the most common exceptions being dedicated anti-air and anti-tank battalions. Artillery is the other main outlier, costing a heavy 3 width. On the subject of support companies, two that are almost necessary to include are the engineer company and the recon company.

The engineer company increases the amount a division can entrench itself, meaning that given enough time, a single division with an engineering team can become a major problem for an attacking force. Through research, the engineering team will also increase the general attack and defense of the division, particularly in rough terrain, i.

The recon company provides simpler benefits: speed and reconnaissance. This is incredibly important for any division that can expect to fight, but particularly so for divisions that use vehicles. When your division does get into a fight, reconnaissance determines which tactic a side will pick in battle.

For example, a division meant to fight tanks in European plains is going to suffer heavily if fighting infantry in African jungles. As such, here are some general tips to keep in mind when building divisions:. Hafer also wrote a Division build guide for us that you can check out, although it's a tad outdated at the moment - part of the reason we decided to launch a new, more comprehensive tips guide for the game.

Now hull types rather than whole ships can be researched, as well as the individual modules for ships. Every ship has an amount of slots that can be filled by these modules, but the catch is that ships will take longer to be built with advanced modules and higher amounts of modules overall. There are also restrictions on what ship types can equip certain modules.

There are 5 main types of ship hulls: destroyer, cruiser, heavy, carrier, and submarine. There is a 6 th hull type, the super heavy hull, but that only exists as an alteration of the heavy ship. Destroyers are light and fast ships that are some of the quickest to produce. They can be outfitted with some modest main guns, but the 2 main uses of destroyers are as torpedo boats and submarine hunters.

Due to their speed, a large amount of destroyers can swarm enemy heavy ships and deal heavy damage with torpedoes. These fleets are relatively easy to build due to the short build time of destroyers, and everything but torpedoes can be stripped off the ship to make the build time even quicker, though this will render them ineffective in any other situation.

Destroyers can also be outfitted with sonar and depth charges, which is the one way surface vessels can attack submarines.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. Don't mind in the guide where we go with Britain, the guide does involve one restart -- I always play Ironman--that picks up at the same spot with no real change to strategy except going with the little entente.

Showing 1 - 15 of 35 comments. Originally posted by Jabberwok ITA :. Being Gneiss Rocks! View Profile View Posts. Why didnt you build any civilian factories to boost your construction speed? Also I am pretty sure you can switch your army doctrine to another tree. Last edited by Being Gneiss Rocks! Originally posted by Being Gneiss Rocks! Entstehung View Profile View Posts. Finally, someone made a video. Originally posted by Entstehung :. Originally posted by TheHostName :. If you know what you're doing especially on historical focus the game is super easy allot easier than HOI3 and having about 3k hours on HOI3 under my belt I already had a few ideas of what to do but used to play France on the hardest difficulty on HOI3 so already knew what worked.

I have no intention of telling my build although did share it with a friend as it's so OP it's ridiculous and if Paradox saw it they would hit it with the nerf bat. I can't get the acheivement because someone always changes their government The Germans got smart and tried to take Switzerland but I sent troops down there and the Swiss AI gave almost all their troops to me, so it was easy for me to organize a good defense in the Swiss mountains.

I let the Axis bleed themselves out attacking me for 2 years and then I invaded Germany and took it over in after they pulled some troops away to invade Yugoslavia an invasion which failed, btw. The Maginot Line has a weakness though, the province north of Strasbourg can be attacked from at least 4, maybe 5 different German provinces so you might want to construct a new Level 10 Fort in the province SW of it so you can afford to lose it, that's what I did after losing my first game.

I'm sure there are other strategies.

hoi4 best land doctrine for italy

In fact, expanding the Maginot Line to Belgium and upgrading the forts there to Level 10 turned out to be mostly a waste. While the forts on the Belgian border did play a role in halting the German offense through Belgium for me, a British counterattack sometime in late meant that my northern troops spent most of the war inside Belgium, away from the forts.

Next time, I'll probably either only upgrade the forts to Level 6 which should still be good enough and much quicker, or maybe be more offensive and counterattack the Germans as they advance through Belgium. Originally posted by LtlMacMcG :. Silent View Profile View Posts.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page.

Global Achievements. Kadrush View Profile View Posts. After so many games i am starting to really like Superior Firepower Doctrine. As Germany serveral times i added self-propelled guns to my panzer divisions and noticed the great effect caused by the increase in the soft attack power.

Last game, i used the reserve japanese infantry division template 6 infantry companiesmade a lot of them and started adding artillery up to 1 support and 3 line companies more than pieces per division.

The effect was amazing, specially on Chine, when those division got only 1 support and 1 line artillery, they could cover the whole line and face 2, even 3 chinese divisions on their own. Of course, adding a lot of artillery to divisions is really expensive and my airforce suffered a lot from lacking of planes, but it was worthy.

That artillery system, combined with the bonus of superior fire power doctrine made a good mix, but i would like to know about other players combos as well so i could learn and be ready multiplayer. Showing 1 - 14 of 14 comments. Quicksilver View Profile View Posts. Mobile warfare - volkstorm's massive manpower buff, and the bonuses along the way are very solid. For a nation that starts industrialised its pretty strong.

Also, i realized that mass assault has a similar bonus human wave. The only thing that i hate on mass infantry for human wave pushes is the huge drain on infantry equipment that it causes. Today i used 2 artillery companies 1 support, 1 line alonge 6 inf companies in my divisions against china as japan took me a while but i won killing 1. Mobile Warfare for the massive breakthrough boni.

hoi4 best land doctrine for italy

Mobile Warfare can be very fun with breaking the enemy's front line and encircling them together with paratrooper drops! Paratroopers in general are very under-used I think by both AI and Players and are a lot of fun and very effective!

Last edited by AeneasXI ; 15 Jun, am.

hoi4 best land doctrine for italy

Connan View Profile View Posts. I like firepower, 1 infantry division is worth like of theirs. Originally posted by Kadrush :. I tried the mass assault infantry once but it didn't work out so good even though it does have nice bonuses it seems like it'd only really be worth picking up if you were playing as China or British Raj.

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